Prequel series to Star Wars' 'Rogue One'. In an era filled with danger, deception and intrigue, Cassian will embark on the path that is destined to turn him into a Rebel hero.

Diego Luna, Genevieve O'Reilly, Alex Ferns

    • Released
    • (2022-)
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    SEASON 1

  • Episode 12Rix Road

    Targeted by numerous interests, the fugitive Cassian returns home to Ferrix, a tinderbox that is experiencing a spark of rebellion.

  • Episode 11Episode 11

  • Episode 10One Way Out

    A rare opportunity opens and the time for Cassian and his fellow inmates to act is now.

  • Episode 9Nobody's Listening!

    Under the unblinking scrutiny of the Empire within a high security prison, Cassian must surreptitiously work to plan his escape. The Imperial Security Bureau keeps digging for answers on Ferrix.

  • Episode 8Narkina 5

    While lying low, Cassian is swept up in an Imperial crackdown with little more than a false identity as protection. The Empire are unaware of his true past, but send him to toil in a high security prison. Meanwhile, the Imperial Security Bureau continues

  • Episode 7Announcement

    The fallout from the Aldhani heist is swift and seismic, shaking the Imperial Security Bureau on Coruscant into action, and prompting more intrigue for Senator Mon Mothma. Meanwhile, Cassian Andor returns home to find a much changed Ferrix.

  • Episode 6The Eye

    With cover from a spectacular local festival, the Aldhani mission reaches a point of no return.

  • Episode 5The Axe Forgets

    Being a team player does not come naturally to Cassian, but the daring mission to infiltrate an Imperial garrison requires it of him. The operation has been in the planning stages for months. As the newest member of the mission, Cassian must overcome the

  • Episode 4Aldhani

    Out of options, Cassian joins a mission to infiltrate an Imperial garrison on Aldhani. Meanwhile on the city-covered capital world of Coruscant, agents of the Imperial Security Bureau start to piece together information regarding the disturbance on Ferrix

  • Episode 3Reckoning

    Cassian's desperation to avoid arrest leads him to a mysterious man with unknown connections.

  • Episode 2That Would Be Me

    Cassian attempts to lay low on Ferrix as agents of the law close in.

  • Episode 1Kassa

    Cassian Andor's reckless search for answers about his past makes him a wanted man.